Al-gom is a company specialising in the production of industrial gaskets in rubber. Founded in Paratico (Brescia) in 1986 by brothers Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Alborghetti, Al-gom is one of the few sector companies to manufacture o-rings and other items in large dimensions. In fact, the company produces o-rings in various dimensions, up to a diameter of 1500 mm. Using hundreds of standard compounds or formulated according to the client’s specific needs, Al-gom manufactures a vast range of rubber gaskets, including: gaskets in rubber.

The company follows the entire production cycle of the rubber gaskets; from mould design to compound formulation, from manufacture of the item to packaging. Al-gom products are used in a vast range of sectors: oil, petrochemical, food industry, canning industry, naval industry, lighting, alternative energy, plumbing and pneumatics.

The company relies on over thirty years’ experience and a policy entirely focused on technological innovation to offer excellent products, many of which were designed and manufactured according to the client’s requirements, with highly flexible production.
Al-gom has been certified since 2009 with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification in full respect of the environment, the workplace and its employees. The company avails of a photovoltaic system for electrical energy production. The company avails of a photovoltaic system for electrical energy production.

Since the very beginning, Al-gom has constantly grown and expanded: it mainly works on a national market, however international sales are constantly increasing.